Christmas Traditions

I remember the nickname "lone ranger". This was my first nose job, I had another one a few years later. I don't think this accident slowed me down too much. I remember mom putting make-up on me for school pictures.
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Family Portrait by our own hands...

Smiths to Utah

Grandkid line up

The Line-up

Here's the classic line-up on a family vacation.

Heidi, Stephen, Sarah, Cristin Henderson (cousin), Summer, Heather, Tamara, Scott, Shauna, Doug, Mom and Dad.

This is obviously a trip where we did some horseback riding, but I don't know where we are, and wether it was attached to a family reunion or just an independent vacation. I do remember being very sore afterwards, and hot in my long jeans.

I think I remember Scott "accidentally" falling behind and then making his horse run up fast to catch up. I also think I remember Cristin's horse doing all sorts of weird things, stopping, running, turning in circles. Anybody else have clearer memories?

Shaleen, were you on your mission then? Or just at college?

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Git along little doggie...

Stephen is a pretty darn cute cowboy, don't you think?
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A family often forgets the good times it had as the children grow up and begin families of their own. This is about two parents and their 9 children for their growing posterity.

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